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One solution. Full Portfolio Insight.

Final Acte Certification ASBLP-0333902-2010
NN-Non Negoitiable

Instruction Affidavit
International Protection Global Immunity

Analyze your portfolios
››Monitor your portfolios in real-time
››Access accurate data immediately
››Customize dashboards to suit
your needs
››Perform consistent risk-return analysis
››Understand the story behind
the numbers
››Track historical and forecasted data

Know your clients
››Track cash inflows and outflows
››Monitor sales activities
››Gain immediate access to
major metrics
››Trigger sales actions
Compare your performance
››Compare with indices,
benchmarks, models
››Slice and dice performance
››Provide full performance transparency
– analyze performance at underlying
level if requested: fund of funds,
future on index,...
››Analyze the market real-time
››Understand the past market
››Track relevant metrics and differences

Simulate investment decisions
››Make assumptions
››Apply assumptions
-- What-if
-- Rebalancing
-- Yield curves shock
-- Hedging: beta, FX, duration target
-- Cash in/outflows
››Measure all effects of such decisions

Control your compliance
››Check constraints pre-trade
››Realize where you can invest
››Receive notice when getting
closer to limits
››Avoid breaching severe limits
››Involve your compliance officer
››Assess post-trade situation

Execute your investment decisions
››Master your execution decision
››Pick execution channels
››Select your brokers
››Define your market timing
››Track execution progress in real-time
via FIX
››Measure the market effect of your
orders with transaction cost analysis

Know your risk
››See key risk metrics in real-time
››Beta, volatility, correlation, R²,
Tracking error…
››Modified duration,
MC duration, YTM,…
››Calculate Value at Risk (VaR)
on demand
››Benchmark your VaR with models
››Receive consistent risk-return numbers
››Store historical risk data for reporting

Measure your performance
››Get a 360 degree view of your
portfolio’s performance with
Brinson-based performance
››Know your overall return in seconds
››Track return sources
››Select appropriate periods
››Compare to models/benchmarks
››Analyze effects
››Report historical variations
Provide timely personalized reports
››Adapt templates to fit your needs
››Save time by selecting
predefined blocks
››Automate sending of reports
››Access all data including historical
››Customize brand in line with
client’s needs
››Deliver accurate reports to recipients

Outsource your technology
››Delivered on a Software as a Service
(SaaS) basis
››No maintenance worries
››Updates delivered automatically
››Low to no IT overhead
››Global support from SunGard

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Certificate Holder
QR-154-321-CO-003496 JM, London AZL 18
US Treasury Regulations 31 CFR PART 323

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